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IMPORTANT: This service is only applicable to Approved Applicants of Ola. Your application will be cross-checked with the unique identifier provided by Ola to ensure eligibility for this service, and will otherwise be rejected.

Your Legal Name
Please ensure you include all parts of your legal name, including middle name if used.

Filling in your legal name.

Your legal name is the name that is listed on your birth certificate or other legal documents, such as passport or drivers license.

If your only have a single name, please click the 'Single Name Only' field.

Alternatively, if you only have a last name, please include this in the last name field and leave the first and middle name's blank.

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  • In some cultures and countries, it is common for people to use one Single Name (eg Sudomo), instead using a First, Middle and Last Name.

Contact Details

Check Type & Purpose

The information for the Check Type & Purpose has been pre-selected to comply with the requirements of Ola. If you need more information regarding these aspects of the National Police Check, please contact Checked Australia, using our Contact Us Page.
Frequently Asked Questions (Click To See Answers)
  • A vulnerable person is considered one that falls into the following categories as: a) an child, b) an adult who is: (i) disadvantaged or in need of special care, support, or protection because of age, disability, or risk of abuse or neglect, or (ii) accessing a service provided to disadvantaged people.
    Some examples of groups: children, the aged/elderly, pregnant women, victims of abuse, the homeless, refugees, people with physical disabilities or mental health conditions.

  • Contact means direct or indirect face-to-face contact, phone contact or any type of communication over the internet.
    Supervised means you will be in the presence of an adult who is responsible for the safety or care of the vulnerable person/groups.
    Unsupervised means that you will not be in the presence of an adult who is responsible for the safety or care of the vulnerable person/groups.